Protect the civil rights and civil liberties of Asian Americans!

Asian Americans have been in the U.S. for up to six generations.  They’ve fought in wars since the Civil War.  They’ve contributed to all facets of American society.  Yet, when the United States and a country in Asia fall into conflict, Asian Americans are the collateral damage.  If they have family in Asia and travel to see them, receive inheritance, do business or participate in cultural exchange programs in Asia, then under certain circumstances:   

  • They can’t get jobs in the federal government.
  • They get fired from their jobs.  
  • They can’t get contracts from the federal government.  
  • They can’t serve in diplomatic posts.  
  • They can’t get federal grants.  
  • They can’t serve in the military.  

The Asian American Federal Employees for Nondiscrimination (AAFEN) is the only organization that challenges the federal government’s position that Asian Americans with foreign ties are national security risks.  Because 71% of Asian American adults are born in a foriegn country, this position has caused scores of Asian Americans to be denied opportunities, surveilled, investigated, and barred from serving and defending their country in sensitive roles.  Help AAFEN to end this outdated, Western-centric thinking.  Support AAFEN by making a regular donation.  To learn more about AAFEN, go to

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