For Policymakers

Recommendations to Federal Agencies & Legislators

Remove jurisdictional barriers to federal employees from appealing security clearance denials, suspensions, demotions, or revocations to the MSPB, OSC, the federal courts and other similar third-party bodies.

Establish an oversight body with enforcement capabilities to review the conduct of security officials and the proper application of adjudication procedures with adverse actions against an employee’s security clearance.

Ensure security professionals utilize proper analytical techniques to avoid bias and misjudgments when conducting review activities. Improper application of adjudication procedures will have adverse consequences against an employee’s security clearance.

Publicly release statistics and data on investigative cases by race and ethnicity.

Publicly release metrics on how national security agencies are working to implement President Biden’s Executive Order on Racial Equity.

Strengthen protections and safeguards for federal employees facing adverse security clearance decisions.

Issue the “Report on Best Practices to Protect Privacy & Civil Liberties of Chinese Americans” – required under law – on a timely basis and after consultation with AAPI stakeholders.