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Thanks to Dale Minami for being our guest speaker, Rebecca Lee, WHIAANHPI Deputy Director, for inaugurating our first AAFEN event, and our ERG co-hosts and allies for spreading the word, thank you!

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We understand the time is now to devote more effort at organizing against AAPI hate in all its forms and will be continuing our video series in the months ahead, so please stay tuned!

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For those of you who couldn’t make it, you can find the video below or go to the AAFEN YouTube Channel. 

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Challenging the Asian American Disloyalty Myth

About this event

Opening remarks by WHIAANHPI Deputy Director Rebecca Lee

Hosted By:

With support by Civic Leadership USA (CLUSA)

About the Talk

In 2022, 80 years after 1942, 1 in 5 Americans believe that Asian Americans are more loyal to their country of origin than the U.S. What did we learn from the past that we can apply to the present? Civil rights icon Dale Minami speaks on the landmark US District Court for the Northern District of California case that overturned a Japanese American incarceration era conviction and answers questions on the Asian American movement toward racial equity, inclusion and belonging.

Dale Minami was the Lead Attorney for a team that represented Fred Korematsu in the District Court case in 1984 which vacated Korematsu’s conviction, upheld by the United States Supreme Court in a landmark ruling in 1944. Korematsu had defied the WWII order to report to an incarceration camp. The Korematsu case, together with other cases, advanced the Japanese American reparations movement. Over 120,000 Japanese Americans – 2/3 of whom were U.S. citizens - were incarcerated in prisons. Later, Minami, representing the adult children of Korematsu, with the same team also filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme Court review of the government’s travel ban, which resulted in the High Court’s repudiation of the 1944 Korematsu decision via its review of Trump v. Hawaii. Source: American Bar Association.

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